Our supply chains are stretched and exposed (both “Sea”/ “Air”) at the best of times. 

Prior to the pandemic crisis, outside of selected critical products such as fuel and pharma, Aotearoa New Zealand had limited supply of essential goods in place. 

We relied on “far shore’ imports and a “Just in Time” supply chain methodology. 

In times of local natural disasters, we could still rely on Global Supply Chains not impacted by disasters on our shores. 

The pandemic battered Aotearoa New Zealand, brittle supply chains and the immediacy of self-reliance placed our holistic focus on survival first and foremost. 

Kiwi Supply Chain professionals had to react in heroic ways to make continuity of supply and delivery (more luck than design) work on behalf of all their customers, associated industries and the general population. 

The collapse in international air travel caused by the pandemic put New Zealand's ability to air-freight essential products at risk. Hence a significant amount of ‘Public’ spend was disbursed to keep society maintained via “subsidized commercial air linehauls’ direct to New Zealand as a substitute to the disruption of shipping lanes and lines during the pandemic, as an example. 

Now that we have had time to reflect upon the last 3 years with hard earned experience both Public and Private, we have a once – in – a -generation opportunity to future proof our economic supply chain, we cannot “risk” our “chance” to survive another pandemic compounded by climate change. 

The Southern Link Te Aoutanga Aotearoa enables that opportunity and a road map for success, to support and eventually transform our future resilience. 

Enhancing our supply chain and improving our reliance on far shore with a merged capability for “near shoring” and JIC (Just in case) coupled with the development of a unique and flexible, Aoteraoa New Zealand ‘hubbing and fulfilment infrastructure’ that will enable an “economic competitive advantage’ through” supply chain resilience” for both Māori/NZ Govt and New Zealand businesses. 

How both Government/Māori and businesses respond to these changes will have significant implications for the future productivity and wellbeing of all Aotearoa New Zealanders. 

This initiative overviews a dynamic fusion of “near shoring’, “just in time” and the anticipation of growing “regionalisation” including Australia New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. 

This supply chain resilience will in turn help spur economic growth and create jobs for Aotearoa New Zealand. 

In addition, supporting innovation and entrepreneurship nationwide.

  • How Kiwi exporters can accelerate their ambition through a market leading and future proof service advantage. 
  • How the Te Aoutanga Aotearoa Southern Link proposes a coalition of:
  1. Māori.
  2. Private enterprise.
  3. Local Government.
  4. Supported by Central Government.

A holistic partnership that is empowered by the formation of a Special Economic Zone within Aotearoa New Zealand.

Our nation's strategic location will represent a sophisticated “resilient supply chain’ that enables a regional competitive advantage underlying a strong motive for a base of economic innovation/manufacturing/exports/cross border trade /jobs/infrastructure and foreign investment for all New Zealanders aspirations.