The Te Aoutanga Aotearoa Southern Link  represents to a unique and compelling opportunity for Aotearoa New Zealand. 

To become an innovative Gateway for the Southern Hemisphere much the same way that Singapore is to Asia. 

With the ability to become a digitally enabled economic supply chain and trade powerhouse located in the center of Oceania. 

Positioning ourselves as stable shores connecting future trading blocs between China/Asia/Oceania/North and South America (Pacific Rim) and Europe. 

Our strategic location, political stability, legal framework, financial service, business infrastructure and flexibility will enable security and trust for foreign investment. 

Aotearoa New Zealand SME for Aotearoa New Zealand the resilience and economic objective is to mitigate the impacts of supply chain disturbances combine with an ongoing cushion of future global disruptions aligned with our unified desire to increase our import and export competitive advantage for Large and SME business alike. 

Resilience and national success to strengthen economic performance will only resonate to New Zealand’s society when all economic actors (Large & SME) have access to the same advantage. 

Aotearoa New Zealand SMEs make an unprecedented contribution to New Zealand’s cultural, economic and commercial health in terms of innovation, production and employment generation. 

As per the Government, SMEs employ approximately 29 per cent of the country’s workforce and contribute over a quarter of its GDP.

Making up the majority of NZ enterprises, these businesses play a crucial role in the economy, supplying larger exporting businesses as well as regional economic growth. 

Encouraging external investment, boosting transparency, and growing the small business sector are key steps to ensuring the success of Aotearoa New Zealand. 

Māori Economy 

  • The Māori economy is growing and Iwi who have built up assets and wealth have a major role to play in New Zealand’s financial future.
  • The Māori economy has grown from $16 billion to $70 billion in 20 years, and with a projected growth of 5 percent per annum, that’s expected to reach $100 billion in assets by 2030.
  • The Māori contribution to the New Zealand economy is multi-faceted, and includes the primary sector, natural resources, enterprise, and tourism.

The TAA Southern Link supports a mix of policy/technology and infrastructure with the ability to solve multi-dimensional challenges around increasing the resilience of Aotearoa New Zealand’s global supply chain into the future. 

Māori, as a custodian of the Te Aoutanga Aotearoa Southern Link economy, has a critical role to play as an empowerment for KIWI business and SME, by enabling a platform as a launch pad for new markets, help diversify their supply chains and boast resilience

The Te Aoutanga Aotearoa Southern Link virtues include: 

  • Espouse Resilience, Agility and Sustainability.
  • A Māori initiative that is focused on the economic prosperity of all Aotearoa New Zealanders.
  • Takes the offshore Supply Chain risk into an onshore Aotearoa New Zealand competitive advantage (Value Chain) for all. Bringing global business and foreign investment (friend shoring with Australia) onto our doorstep.
  • Empower Kiwi manufacturers to accelerate their export ambitions. 
  • Supports access to essential services.
  • Has the backbone of digital eCommerce and Blockchain.
  • Represents a regional trade hub of 33 million Australian /New Zealand and Pacific Islanders connected to Asia, Oceania, and South America.
  • A gamechanger in future employment acceleration (empowered by higher education/hives of innovation/kiwi enterprises with transformative vision plus capacity to implement) and the potential to deliver $ billions in net additional gross added value to the NZ economy within the next 5 years.

The Te Aoutanga Aotearoa Southern Link   ethos on Sustainable Development is aligned with:

  • Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard.
  • UNITAD -GASEZ Sustainable Development Goals

Two-thirds of chief economists expecting a world-wide recession in 2023, the global economy is in a precarious position. 

The Te Aoutanga Aotearoa Southern Link   can reduce fragmentation in supply chains, ensuring the future viability of international trade for Aotearoa New Zealand whilst enabling prosperity for communities through empowered kiwi businesses both SME and large. 

We believe the Southern Link Te Aoutanga Aotearoa is a unique rising star and will be a global gamechanger in terms of business confidence and a spur for renewed aspiration since pre pandemic. 

Aotearoa New Zealand has the expertise to execute and operate the opportunity. A wider government led consultation (Aligned with TAA Southern Link), including IWI, ports, local and international businesses, academic institutions, local authorities, mayoral combined authorities and Local Enterprise Partnerships.

We want these future partnerships to be shared stake holders. Setting out why a TAA Southern Link Special Economic Zone is right for their region, how they will utilise the measures, and how they will deliver and run a successful Te Aoutanga Aotearoa Southern Link.

This irrefutable transformative initiative is ready to advance forward.

The business proposition is compelling, risk and cost is mitigated. The Te Aoutanga Aotearoa Southern Link could be developed with elements commercialized as soon as 2024 (Aligned with identified legislation) with success. 

We are not alone in the world as countries are scrambling and grappling for Economic Resilience through Secure Supply Chains

However, we are alone in tackling our own "Economic Resilience".

No country is going to support our endeavors unless we position our own endeavors as future accelerated economic value to compete with this increasingly competitive world, for ourselves and for international trade. 

The same goes with Sea and Air carriers, the blood line of our supply chain. 

They also need to see the value of Aotearoa New Zealand. Shared strategic value, only works if they are within a two-way value relationship. 

Final Observation 

My final observation is borrowed from “Roger Grey Auckland Ports Chief Executive’ comments relating to the recent weather events in the upper North Island. 

“We need people to be taking on the bigger picture decisions and we need to consider how the pieces of the puzzle fit together.

If we don’t have this vision, the ripple effects of ever-increasing and intensifying climate-related supply chain disruptions will spread through our economy. 

They will lead to price increases and disruptions, and shortages of goods will become the norm.

And let’s be clear, alongside a bold vision we are going to need national determination and diligent planning that translates into action to make necessary, fundamental changes for the long term”. 

The urgency of economic supply chain resilience is paramount. 

Does the Southern Link Aoutanga Aotearoa present a bold vision that enables economic resilience?

A framework of innovation and transformation for success within equal partnership:

  • Māori.
  • Local Government.
  • Private Public Enterprise.
  • Supported by Central Government.

We believe so.