Te Aoutanga Aotearoa Southern Link Intention & Opportunity

What is the Southern Link? The Southern Link was proposed by the New Zealand China Council in 2019:


with a subsequent in-depth review on the Southern Link Global Value Chain by NZIER in 2021.


These reports steered the way for Aotearoa New Zealand to exploit on the growing air/sea trade links by making Aotearoa a major conduit for the flow of people and goods between Asia/Oceania and South America. 

The objective is to transform these interconnected markets into an Asia Pacific South America business Trade Hub. 

The  Te Aotanga Aotearoa Southern Link will capitalise on these advantages: 

• Development of an efficient and effective SEZ service capability managed by 6 regionalized Hubs  (including co-location of air and sea freight) and connected to kiwi manufacturers within their regional reach across Aotearoa New Zealand. 

• Regional and Global leadership in the digital economy. 

• Lifting Aotearoa New Zealand’s economic supply chain resilience. 

Aotearoa New Zealand will turn these comparative advantages into a competitive advantage that other competitors are unable to match. Aotearoa New Zealand will be a staging post for e-commerce hubbing infrastructure to service consumers in Asia, South America, Australia, and the Pacific. 

Capturing the reason why Global air and Shipping lines foresee our country as an Oceanian destination of opportunity. 

The  Te Aoutanga Aotearoa Southern Link  (TAA) will “emphasis the desire to see the business to be within the wider Māori economy: 

• The TAA Southern Link envisages to be supported by all IWI and higher education institutions. 

• The TAA  Southern Link  will encourage the orchestration Digital eCommerce /Marketing convergence with Blockchain being its framework -connecting the broader Southern Link TAA services and capabilities mandated under NZ Govt. 

• Kiwi SME’s will have an exciting platform to build upon their “International” ambitions. 

The TAA Southern Link envisages to be located within six proposed IWI/private economic hubs supported by existing higher educational institutions: 

These 6 proposed Hubs will in turn support local manufactures create value through the TAA Southern Link capability within their region.

As an example: A manufacturer will not need to relocate  their existing manufacturing base to one of the 6 proposed SEZ Hubs - they can be licensed/audited with the ability to use TAA Southern Link services as long as their respected manufacturer is certified under an exiting Transitionary Facility.

  • Marden Point 
  • Auckland Airport
  • Ruakura 
  • CEDA Te Aoutanganui 
  • Christchurch Airport / Ngai Tahu Hornby Rolleston

Five Strategic Exigencies will empower the success of the Southern Link eCommerce TAA: 

1. Critical New Zealand Trade Needs.

2. Foreign Affairs.

3. Economic Transformation.

4. International eCommerce export acceleration. 

5. Cyber Security.


We believe the Te Aoutanga Aotearoa places Aotearoa New Zealand in the middle of a global value chain for the first time, bringing businesses closer to market and unlocking opportunities, foster New Zealanders particularly SMEs to enhance their export expectations: 

Building a bridge for Māori. 

• Optimize access for ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) a market of 550 million people. 

• Linking a conduit between Aotearoa New Zealand and 700 million South Americans. 

• A front door of an accessible market for 33 million Oceanian people (New Zealand Australia and South Pacific). 

• Reduce Carbon Emission. A bridge for the wider Southern Link purpose, capabilities, and opportunities– Policy, Movement of People and Education.


An empowered TAA Southern Link will be leveraged so Aotearoa New Zealand can develop world class nation wide hubs enabling Global Value Chain connected to regional urban centers: 

  • Logistics Hubs. 
  • International Educational Hubs. 
  • R&D Hubs &Technology Hubs. 
  • Centre for Policies