About the Author

Dene is the  Managing Director of ASENDIA New Zealand and brings over 29 years’ logistics experience to the Southern Link, including senior executive roles at TNT Express and Toll Group as well as work across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and his native Oceania.    

Before joining Asendia, Dene worked at New Zealand Post for 8 years, overseeing success in both strategy and partnerships and international and global logistics. 

Dene holds a Post Doctorate in Global Business from the University of Oxford and an EMBA. 

Denes PDG dissertation was based on Trust and Transparency Cross border eCommerce New Zealand to China “Farm Gate to Plate”.    

Dene has led several commercial and Government supported eCommerce initiatives.    

Dene’s an advocate for the use of blockchain within the global supply chain. His passion for all things blockchain has seen him become one of the industry’s leading voices on the subject, with regular speaking slots at international conferences and events.   

Dene is the Principle (with an independent Māori view) of the Te Aoutanga Aotearoa - Southern Link (TAA).                                        

Dene is Ngati Hine of decent.   

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